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philadelphia macaroni company cheap prices

It may not be famous but Philadelphia macaroni company cheap prices is exporting macaroni and the other pasta types too. Philadelphia Macaroni Company is working from 1914. They are producing and exporting Pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, vermicelli, farfalle and other types of pasta and macaroni. This company has some branches too. Every branch is working in different field to produce the best quality macaroni and spaghetti at cheap price. In Addition to their high products, they need a lot of workers and experts. There are a lot of people working at Philadelphia Macaroni Company. So the only reason that makes their products cheap is their numerous daily exports and sells.

philadelphia macaroni company cheap prices

Best quality Philadelphia Companies

America is the biggest exporter and trader of Pasta types after Italy. These countries are competing with each other in their quality, prices and pasta shapes. The competitive market make the products more qualified with Supreme quality. It is not bad for people. Because they get Supreme quality Macaroni and Spaghetti at lowest price. As we talked American Macaroni producers based some culture in their countries. They want to have their own way and brands in Pasta and macaroni. There are some funny fact about American Spaghetti eating habits. American people was the first ones that used spoon and fork to eat their delicious pasta food. Although Italian eat spaghetti and macaroni with a fork. They have more habits that it is not appropriate to say it here.

philadelphia macaroni company cheap prices

Macaroni wholesale markets in United States

As much as Italy, America have a lot of manufacturers and exporter of Macaroni, Pasta and all pasta types are producing in this country. There are a lot of wholesale markets in United States. Wholesale markets prices are cheaper and more efficient than retail markets. Ordinary people do not buy their needs from wholesale markets. Traders of Pasta and Macaroni importers are the most customers of wholesale markets. Wholesale markets sell Pasta and macaroni in best quality. They sell in bulk or boxed and packed Pasta and spaghetti. Macaroni company cheap prices are suitable for wholesalers and importer. Because they are the cheapest price of Pasta. So they can go to their country and sell them with lower cost to their people.

philadelphia macaroni company cheap prices

Pasta spaghetti and Macaroni industry Statistics

The average annual Pasta consumption of Italian people is 32 kg, Germany is 12 kg, the USA and France and Portugal are 6 kg. The European Union sold $ 8,366 billion pasta in 2008. In 2009, in retail stores, 2.809 billion dollars of pasta in Italy, 1.402 billion dollars of pasta in Germany and 1.179 billion dollars of pasta were sold in France. Italy is the largest exporter in 2007, Italian manufacturers has produced 1.7 million tons of pasta. Also in Iran Annual pasta consumption per person was 3 kilo grams and now it is 7 kilo grams.

philadelphia macaroni company cheap prices

Biggest Exporters of Pasta and spaghetti in 2007 and 2019

The largest export markets are in Italy, Germany (20%), France (13.7%), the United Kingdom (12.6%), the United States (9.5%) and Japan (4.2%). Italy exported 53% of the global Pasta and Macaroni productions in 2007. About 13.5 million tons of pasta are produced in all around the world, 50% of them has produced in the European countries. Also 22.3% in Central and South America, 16.1% in North America, 4.4% in the Middle East, 4.3% in African countries and 1.8% of Pasta productions are produced in other Asian countries. In 2019, these statistics have a lot of change. The first producer and exporter of Pasta in the world is Italy then America. The 3rd place is China. Iran take the fourth place. It is so proud for Iran to progress in ten years.

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